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There is also an element here of how equipped we are to act, what resources can we muster and where are they best implemented to achieve the most efficient impact.

Ive sat with a similar thought since i spoke to my director about small, local level impacts and how it challenged me that he seemed to be able to wilfully disregard their value.

It challenges me still, but he has resources I do not, the ability to interact and influence at a govt level in certain regions of the world so for him its only logical to focus his work where he can have the most impact, whereas as i have far smaller resources and act in different arenas, perhaps we are eating the same elephant, just taking different sized bites

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I love the idea that small wins are just as significant as big flashy ones! I work in office management/employee engagement and all too often folks want to see big visual changes in a space or they want to put on an expensive event. But I’ve definitely found that people respond really well to small thoughtful experiences too - sometimes even more so.

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