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This... so incredibly important, needed - thx Fionn!

‘Rarely do we hear from the producers, those at the far end of the supply chain who have some of the least power but carry the most risk.’

I have not worked with farmers, coffee or otherwise, but did spend some years with small-scale (artisanal) fishers in Indonesia, and it is quite striking how the issues, the problems are similar: tremendous vulnerability w/much risk (#1 always! and fishing is the most dangerous occupation in the world by a large margin); erratic weather, w:seasonal patterns less reliable); little economic leverage bc you’re at very bottom of what often is a ‘long’ supply chain (multiple hands touching the product), which also means limited access to capital.

I could go on, but I think you can see the idea. Small producers (90% of the fishers on our planet are artisanal) are critical to the continued supply of a highly valued product (coffee in the global market, seafood in both global market and local subsistence communities) yet are increasingly vulnerable to economic exploitation and ruin.

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