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It’s a lot more complex and requires a large book to cover everything! We almost never hear that at my place. People know we pour a premium organic milk that costs $9/gallon compared to the plain wrap milk at $3.50/gallon. We don’t upcharge our almond and oak milk as we make up the difference from lower coffee bean costs by roasting in house. Our customers know they are receiving value and quality. But, if someone were to ask “Why is coffee so high?” I would respond with “I know, I can’t believe how much eggs and gasoline are now!” Everything is more expensive now and as you get older, you’ll realize it always will. My father paid 5 cents for a root beer in the 1930’s and I paid 10 cents in 1969 at a diner. Now, a Topochica sparkling water is $3 on average at local coffee shops. Your $10 Big Mac was once 50 cents! Minimum wage has never and will never resolve the problem. You can’t compare Denmark to the USA as a whole, as, there are places in California that already pay $20/hour and beginning next year all fast food employees will start at $20/hour. But, the average rent for a two bedroom in OC CA has gone from $2,000/month to over $3,000/month. It’s a vicious cycle that will always be there. My first minimum wage job was under $3/hour and every time it went up, the cost of everything else went up!

So, the best response is one that everyone can relate to “Everything is going up!”

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