Hi Friends! Introduce Yourself!

assorted fruits on brown wooden crate
Photo by Scott Evans on Unsplash

Hello! I wanted to take this week off, but we shuffled some stories around and published a last-minute reminder on why acts of kindness and grace within coffee shops are important. That left us with an audio extra with Gefen Skolnick we had planned to release last week being moved to this past Tuesday, and I thought it’d be nice to spend time getting to know readers.

When Boss Barista first began, I sort of assumed the only people listening would be my friends or people who knew me. That’s still kind of the case, but there are also lots of people I don’t know and would love to get acquainted with.

So please! Drop a note about yourself and maybe share a bit about why you love coffee or what you’re hoping to learn or get from this newsletter. Any clever factoids about coffee (or anything really) are always appreciated!

Truly, it feels like I’m writing words into a void—hearing from you is really regenerative so please, if you feel comfortable, drop me a line down below or send me an email at bossbaristapodcast@gmail.com.