Is it bad that I sometimes think the tasting notes comes off a bit pretentious?! 😅 I'm sure there's an art form to it just like wine tasting...but sometimes I'm like c'monnnnn....

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And B-Corp unfortunately now looks like a club of rich kids patting each other on the back for being so wonderful ...and nothing more.

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I am currently writing my second book about coffee, and it's all about learning to taste coffee and coffee flavor . . . and it was all prompted by how ineffectively the industry at large communicates about flavor (I am a writer and have worked in marketing, so this is a particularly big gripe of mine).

I write from a consumer perspective and attempt to bridge the gap between professionals and consumers, and boy, this is a big gap!

The book encourages people to enjoy/savor coffee even more by tasting consciously, but part of that, I'm finding, is dismantling the shame you mention in your newsletter. And part of it is providing context, like, "yes this is truly chaos, and here's why I think so, and here's what these things probably mean, and here's what you can actually latch on to, etc." Consumer education / expectation is actually way up in other industries (wine, beer, whiskey, cheese, even steak), but coffee has yet to crack that communication code.

Anyway, I have lots of thoughts, but I'll spare you. :)

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