Schultz leaves, Michigan abolishes right-to-work, and problematic rhetoric abounds. Discover more in this new Boss Barista series.
February 1st marked the sixth anniversary of Boss Barista. Here's an incomplete list of lessons I've learned along the way.
Audio Extra: Can We Move Away From Hourly to Salary Wages? Listen now (6 min) | In this bonus clip for paid subscribers, Adam JacksonBey and Valorie Clark of Go Fund Beas contemplate if baristas would receive…
Service workers are often treated as temporary employees—which turns into an excuse to ignore their needs and make their jobs impossible.
What Baristas Actually Make with Adam JacksonBey and Valorie Clark Listen now (39 min) | The average wage for baristas is $14 per hour—but many are only scheduled to work 26 hours a week. Go Fund Bean representatives…
Can democratic lotteries improve the way we buy coffee?

February 2023

BONUS: Can Coffee-Buying Be Randomized? Listen now (4 min) | Some believe that lotteries and random draws are a tool for improving equity. Could those techniques work in coffee?
How can it be that 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day, but many coffee farmers don’t make enough money to cover their production costs?
Differentiating Between 'Value' and 'Values' With Ted FischerListen now (44 min) | On neoliberalism and translating value in coffee with anthropologist and author of the book 'Making Better Coffee,' Ted Fischer.
On the Thinx lawsuit, “smallwashing,” and how consumers are expected to shop ethically.
And other wisdom about tracking progress
Keith Hawkins and the Zoom Call That Never HappenedListen now (41 min) | The 20+ year industry pro and founder of Color of Coffee Collective talks about the start-stop pace of progress—and following…